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Seven wines and sins of the World

Seven wines and sins of the World

Between grasslands near the foothills of the White Carpathian Mountains (Bílé Karpaty), known with its high diversity and abundance level of orchid plants (orchids) in Central Europe, are spread also the extensive vineyards. From these grapes of the vineyard produce the small family winery Polehňa from Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem the most delicious attributive wines. All wines from this exceptional collection SEDMERO VÍN (The Seven wines) belong to the category Grape selection. It is the best what the vineyards and nature have given this year.

Laziness - Veltlín zelený

Lazy get happy and comfortable with this typical Veltlín.

Gluttony - Zweigeltrebe

Insatiable will get sated, lustful will get satisfied with this splendid Zweigeltrebe.

Spite - Pinot Noir

Spiteful will get relax and come into friendship with this Pinot Noir.

Pride - Ryzlink Rýnský

Proud will get advanced and satisfied with this extraordinary Ryzlink rýnský.

Avidity - Chardonnay

Grabby will inspire and fulfill by this indomitable strength this Chardonnay.

Envy - Sauvignon

Envious will turn and bring a wealth this special Sauvignon.

Harlotry - Muškát Moravský

Lecherous will get living and full of energy with this tempting Muškát.

We wish you that these wines will help you to have beautiful moments on this blue planet and forget your everyday worries.


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